How to revive/repair beeswax wraps

Beeswax food packaging has become a viable alternative to disposable plastic for food wrapping. What are beeswax wraps? These wraps are made of fabric coated with beeswax, providing a reusable and eco-friendly solution. However, beeswax fabrics inevitably suffer from loss of beeswax, weakened adhesion and breakage during long-term use or storage. The best way to store beeswax wrap. In this article, we will explore ways to restore/repair beeswax wraps, extend their life span and maximize their sustainability.

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How to revive/repair a beeswax wrap?

Melt and mend beeswax

Lay the beeswax wrap on a flat surface and use equipment such as a hair dryer to heat up the specific breakage or beeswax loss at about 40-50°C until the beeswax melts and flows, then immediately smooth out the repair by hand and wait for it to set naturally to complete the repair. This will effectively repair the lost beeswax area and restore its integrity and adhesion.

Edge Repair

The edges and corners of beeswax wraps are most easily damaged. In this case, you can use natural beeswax or linen edge to repair and wrap the damaged edges, and melt the beeswax to make them stick together, so as to repair the gap without affecting the appearance.


For larger damage, you can cut beeswax wraps or linen patch of appropriate shape and size, apply melted beeswax to the damaged area, and then press the patch firmly to bond it.

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Replenishment of beeswax coating

If the overall adhesion and application of beeswax cloth is poor, you can apply the appropriate amount of melted beeswax on both sides and let it naturally penetrate into the beeswax cloth, and then the adhesion and softness of the cloth will be greatly improved after solidification. However, the amount of beeswax should be controlled to avoid the beeswax cloth being too heavy. 5. How to make beeswax wrap

Cleaning and rewaxing

If the beeswax wraps as a whole has been used for a long time, and the deformation is serious and it is difficult to repair it satisfactorily, you can choose to clean and reapply beeswax. Wash it with warm water and neutral detergent, dry it, apply beeswax on both sides, re-glue and solidify it, and it will be back to life and work as before.

The above simple methods can be used to restore the beeswax wrap, maximize its service life, and bring into play the environmental protection, which also reflects the sustainable characteristics of beeswax cloth. Green Wrap, as a beeswax wrap supplire, provides custom beeswax wrap service, if you are interested in beeswax wrap, contact us for exclusive service.

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