FAQs about Green Wrap Beeswax Packaging

Our beeswax food bag is suitable for packing, storing and wrapping food. The beeswax food wrap packaging can last for up one year with proper care. Beeswax food wrap bag is made from cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. We show some FAQs about beeswax package today, and you can check our FAQs part one.

FAQs about HONGHE Beeswax Packaging Part Two

Can I reuse beeswax packaging?

Yes, of course you can. If you wrap dry food, brush off any debris, no washing required! If needed, simply rinse well under a cold tap or wash gently in cold water with a mild soap to avoid damaging the wax and then it will be ready for next use. If you follow our care instructions, your package should last about a year. We also offer a review kit with complete instructions for use every three months, which will keep your wrap going for years to come.

Can I wrap anything in beeswax paper?

We recommend that you wash your wraps in cold or very cold water, so we do not recommend that you use them to wrap raw meat or fish. Our beeswax formula is antibacterial, but preferably safe. Raw meat or fish can always be placed in a bowl and then the bowl covered with plastic wrap so it does not come in contact with the raw meat or fish.

FAQs about HONGHE Beeswax Packaging Part Two

Does beeswax wrap stink?

In general no, but if it really stinks, like onions or strong cheese, I have noticed that the smell permeates the old wax wraps, so top them up with our freshener block to get rid of that smell, or leave a small wrap for your onions.

Do beeswax wraps get dirty?

To avoid stains and keep your wrap in top condition, you need to avoid direct contact with things that normally stain clothes, such as beet, strawberries, etc. If you renew your wraps with our freshener blocks every two to three months, you will keep them looking great for longer.

FAQs about HONGHE Beeswax Packaging Part Two

How do I store my beeswax wrap?

You can fold them, roll them, refrigerate them, hang them, put them in a drawer or store them in jars, it’s all up to you. They’re so pretty, I sometimes like to show mine off by sticking them on the fridge with magnets! As long as you air dry them before you put them away, they work great and are ready to use.

Can I keep my beeswax packets in the fridge?

Absolutely, yes, you can. Beeswax wraps work better if you wrap the food and then refrigerate it. The wax will harden and keep your packed lunches cold for years. It also likes the refrigerator. But when you take it out of the fridge, let it relax for a while before you open it so you don’t damage the wax recipe.

FAQs about HONGHE Beeswax Packaging Part Two

Can I wrap the beeswax in the oven?

Please do not try to cover the food in the oven with your plastic wrap. You will ruin the wrap and maybe even your oven! Beeswax is, after all, a wax and is flammable. However, under strict measures, you can refresh and re-wax in your oven. However, you must follow the instructions carefully and never leave anything unattended in the oven.

What is in my beeswax package?

It’s all in the name. Our main ingredient is beeswax, which has been used for over 100 years to preserve foods such as cheese and lemons. It is edible, naturally antibacterial and prevents the growth of mould and bacteria. We love Cornish bees and as a keen professional, I know our bees are happy and work to the rules and guidelines of the Beekeepers Association tending to the work that is vital to the pollination of our local farmers’ crops and apple orchards.

Our final ingredient is jojoba oil, which has slight antibacterial properties. Jojoba is a nut and people with severe allergies to nuts need to be wary.

FAQs about HONGHE Beeswax Packaging Part Two

Do you do vegan food packaging?

Yes, we do. We don’t want anyone to miss out on our lovely packaging, so I’m always looking for the right recipe for our vegan food packaging. I use GOTS certified organic fabrics, so there are no pesticides or insect-based fabric dyes or coatings on the fabric. Then I wax them with a mixture of soy, chaparral and jojoba wax. Jojoba oil is used to add some additional antibacterial qualities since she can’t use beeswax.

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