Can I Remove the Mold from the Beeswax Packaging

You decide to switch to beeswax packaging. Good for you! You have taken an important step towards more sustainable living. Beeswax packaging is a great plastic-free alternative for food storage.

Unfortunately, you may have noticed that your beloved wraps are starting to develop some mold. You can extend the life of your package by washing it regularly with cold water and mild soap. To prevent mold development, try the antibacterial “tanning” method.

Can I Remove the Mold from the Beeswax Packaging

How does mold develop on a package?

Mold develops when the wax coating decomposes after several uses and moisture enters the cloth fibers.

Because your wraps cannot be cleaned with warm water or harsh detergents, once they start to grow, there is no way to get rid of those nasty mold spores.

If you continue to use moldy beeswax wraps, you could contaminate your food and expose yourself to harmful pathogens.

Can I Remove the Mold from the Beeswax Packaging

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How to prevent mold in beeswax packaging

A good way to prevent mold buildup is to give your packages regular “sunlight”.

Just like us, packages need occasional exposure to the sun. Leaving your packages outside on a mild day can help kill any pathogens that may be starting to develop.

You can hang them on a clothesline or you can place them on a baking sheet. Be sure to give them some support, as they will start to soften in the sun.

Combining “sunbathing” with a good cleaning and care routine will keep your wraps fresh and healthy for up to a year!

Can I Remove the Mold from the Beeswax Packaging

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How to clean your wraps

Establishing a regular care routine is the best way to prevent mold and mildew in your beeswax wraps.

You should wash your wraps with cold water and mild soap after each use. Once the wrap is cold, it should be strong enough to be gently scrubbed, just like any dish.

After cleaning, fold your wraps and store them in an area where you know they will stay dry and ready for your next picnic or hike!

Can I Remove the Mold from the Beeswax Packaging

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Should I throw away my moldy packages?

No way! While you can’t bring moldy beeswax packages back to life to store food, there are many ways to reuse them in other ways.

A great alternative to the trash is to use the wraps as towels until they are worn out enough to compost.

Can I Remove the Mold from the Beeswax Packaging

Switching to beeswax wraps is an easy way to reduce single-use plastic waste and keep your food fresh, whether it’s in the fridge or in a picnic basket. Like any good thing, you’ll have to be a little more careful, but by developing a regular cleaning routine, you’ll be able to enjoy these lovely, handy packages for years to come! Contact Green Wrap today to get the quote.

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