How Do I Choose the Baking Paper in My Air Fryer?

As the pace of life has increased in recent years, air fryers have entered more and more homes. The foolproof operation is also very easy for the elderly and children to use. Choosing an excellent baking paper can make the air fryer twice as effective! Find out below with Green Wrap Products!


Why do I need a baking paper?

1. Prevents food from burning

The air fryer cooks food in an enclosed space, such as an oven that produces a hot cyclone. It cooks food in 360 degrees. The food is wrapped in tinfoil so that the flavour does not spoil, but it locks in the moisture and prevents the food from burning.


2. Easy to clean

Tin foil has a high melting point. Although the air fryer will generate a heat flow, it is not enough to ignite the tinfoil. In fact, the tinfoil is placed inside the air frying pan, which also prevents food and sauce from sticking to the walls of the frying pan and the bottom of the basket. It is also easy to clean the skillet.


3. Other foods are easy to cook

Some foods cannot be cooked directly in the air frying pan. In the absence of a skillet, it is a good idea to use tinfoil instead. However, when wrapped in tin foil the ingredients will be difficult to cook, so it will take longer to cook.


How Do I Choose the Baking Paper in My Air Fryer?cid=3

What factors do I need to consider when choosing a baking paper in my air fryer?

1.Choose one that is resistant to high temperatures.

The air fryer uses a rapid cycle of hot air to cook the food, so it is important to choose a baking paper that is resistant to high temperatures to prevent the quality of the food from being affected.


2.Choose one that is anti-stick.

If the liner paper will stick to the food and not separate well from it, then it is a very detrimental experience and does not maintain the integrity of the food.


3.Choose one that absorbs oil and water.

The air fryer will take away the moisture from the surface of the food during use, and there will be a certain amount of oil flowing out of the food after similar ‘frying’, so it is best to choose a baking paper that can absorb oil and water, so that there is no excess moisture or oil flowing out of the food after use, affecting environmental hygiene and taste.


Green Wrap Products baking paper is made from high quality parchment paper that is easy to clean, water, oil, stick and heat resistant and can be customised with your own design print and logo, grammage and size, making it a must have for your home baking.

This is How Do I Choose the Baking Paper in My Air Fryer?, if you are looking for quality and reliable food packaging manufacturer, food packaging wholesaler, please Contact us and you will get exclusive customized service.

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