Use of Foil, Parchment, Wax Paper and Freezer Paper

You may know that foil is silver, freezer paper, parchment paper and wax paper are paper, but does that’s all you know about them? These four kitchen staples have a variety of uses and can make cooking much easier. Here are the differences and tips on how to use them.

wax paper

Wax paper vs. parchment paper

Food grade wax paper and parchment paper are both coated papers. The difference is in their coating. Parchment paper – available in bleached and unbleached – is coated with silicone, while wax paper is coated with, you guessed it, wax. Soy or paraffin wax, to be exact.

Their coatings give them different uses. Parchment paper’s silicone coating makes it heat-resistant and non-stick. Use this paper wonder to line your baking sheet with food that won’t stick to it.

The best use for wax paper is to line countertops and tables before spreading out pie crusts or kneading bread to prevent staining. Wax paper can also be used to wrap food for freezing or even lining pans to make things like fudge. Placing a sheet of wax paper between items to be frozen can also prevent them from sticking together.

So, in summary, parchment paper is good for hot applications and wax paper is good for cold applications.

parchment paper

Wax paper vs. freezer paper

Because they are so similar, both freezer paper and wax paper are used to wrap and freeze food. The biggest difference is that freezer paper is coated with plastic on one side only, while wax paper is coated with wax on both sides. Because of the plastic coating, freezer paper is usually more durable than wax and protects better in the freezer.

For example, meat wrapped in wax paper will only stay in the freezer for a few months without burning. On the other hand, meat wrapped in freezer paper can be kept for up to a year. This is because freezer paper is more resistant to moisture.

If you plan to cook food soon, you can use wax paper, but use freezer paper for long-term freezer storage.

Wax paper vs. foil

Okay, so foil and wax paper have many similar uses, but which is better? A good rule of thumb is to use wax paper if you don’t want it to stick, and foil if you want to insulate.

Unlike wax paper, aluminum foil can also be reused or recycled. So, if you want to save the planet and you can’t choose between foil and wax paper, choose foil. Be sure to rinse it well before sliding it into the recycling bin.

Non-stick silicone steam paper

Non-stick silicone steam paper

Foil vs. parchment paper

Foil is basically very thin aluminum. Many people use it to arrange cooking dishes for easy cleanup, which is a great trick, but unlike parchment paper, foil does not have non-stick properties. You might put a small piece of foil on the bottom of a baked potato or cookie.

In addition, research in the International Journal of Electrochemical Sciences found that small amounts of aluminum may leach into food during the cooking process. Just like wax paper, the best choice is parchment paper if there is heat involved.

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