How to keep food fresh naturally?

Oct. 08, 2020

Still trying to reduce plastic use in kitchen? Still looking for a natural alternative to plastic wrap? Now you have a more healthy and naturally option: beeswax wrap!

Beeswax wrap is made from cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. It's washable, sustainable, reusable and biodegradable. With beeswax wrap, you may keep food fresh naturally.

Here are some tips to for store your food fresh naturally with beeswax wraps:


Wrap the stem of banana with a small size beeswax wrap. In this way, it will stop the spread of ethylene gas and make your banana stay fresh longer.

How to keep food fresh naturally?


Rinse berries in a mix of vinegar and water (about 1:3), then wash and dry. Wrap them with suitable size beeswax wrap and put into fridge. Vinegar will help to disinfect and keep berries stay fresh longer.


Put one or two celery with your bread, then wrap them with a large size beeswax wrap. In this way, your bread will stay fresh and taste good after a few days.

How to keep food fresh naturally?

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