Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes

Don’t you want to feel fresh and clean in seconds? These super fluffy and soft beauty pads are perfect for cleansing pores, cleansing skin and applying toner. Green Wrap Products reusable makeup remover pads make it a breeze!


Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes!

Why do we need to remove makeup?


(1) To protect your skin from makeup


For those of you who don’t like to remove your makeup, a lot of makeup residue can settle on your skin, making it dull and lackluster. The dirt deposited on the surface also clogs your pores, so don’t underestimate this problem. In the long run, your skin will become rough and dull, large pores, blackhead pimples, closed mouth acne and other problems, if you do not want to see your skin become this way, you must do a good job of removing makeup.


(2) To prevent accelerated aging of the skin to produce fine lines


Why do you need to remove makeup? Removing makeup is really important for skin protection, when a lot of makeup stays on the skin later, it is easy to burden the skin’s metabolism and drag down its own renewal time. Especially the eyes, the aging phenomenon is very obvious, and over time the skin will become aging, growing out of fine lines out.


(3) To prevent skin pigmentation


For why to remove makeup this issue, there is no doubt that makeup removal after makeup is too important, because in addition to accelerating aging, will also make a large number of pigmentation in the skin, which may eventually lead to lip color deepening or even eyelid color darkening, long-term so on, the skin color will be significantly deepened, the final damage caused can be imagined.


The above is about why to remove makeup related content introduction, obviously remove makeup is really too important, for every makeup friends, remove makeup are necessary to do the work, do not because of negligence, and eventually caused irreversible risk damage to the skin, in short, their own skin must be their own good protection.


Unlock other uses of makeup remover pads?


(1)Use makeup remover pads to assist moisturizing water for skin care and also use it to touch up makeup.


Makeup remover pads are absorbent and can effectively penetrate the moisture in the moisturizing water into the skin of our face. In addition, we can also put a few pieces of makeup remover pads soaked with moisturizing water on our forehead, cheeks and chin area to use as a moisturizing mask. Not only that, but if we find our makeup is a little blotchy when we go out for dinner, we can also use a makeup remover pad dipped in a small amount of lotion to gently wipe off the blotchy makeup on our face before applying the subsequent base makeup.


(2)Use a makeup remover cotton pad on the heel to ease the feeling of foot wear of shoes.


Girls like to wear high heels or leather shoes to go shopping, but there are some leather shoes that will always rub our heels and bleed. As long as we will remove the cotton pad in our heel, you can relieve the shoes of the grinding feeling.


(3)Clean your ears or nails with a makeup remover pad.


If you want to remove the nail polish from your nails, you can also use a makeup remover pad with nail polish remover to wipe off the nail polish, easy and convenient.


Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes!

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